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Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcome to the New Introspective Gamer

Welcome to the new Introspective Gamer. This isn't really a complete reboot of the site, but more of a better focused site. I originally wanted this to be a lifestyle site with a strong emphasis on gaming. Now I believe I should have stayed true to myself and focused on gaming with lifestyle mixed in organically.

I think I tried to force too much into too little the first time. The fact of the matter is I don't really have the time dedicated to make a full fledged channel or brand that can bring in a large following. But I think that is where my problem came from. I always said that this was a passion project and it was for me, but I actually hoped it would be more. And it might become more, but for now I should be glad that I have the opportunity to throw my opinions on the web.

So without further ado. Welcome to the site! This blog roll will be random thoughts I feel like writing, but the main channel my content will come from is my podcast. which you can subscribe to from itunes and Google Music. Or you can download directly from SoundCloud.

It's called the Introspective Gamer Podcast and if you can't find it yet, it should be up by the 14th of January.

 Thanks for visiting,
-John Solis