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Any donations are appreciated. I currently have a part-time job and my wife and I are able to support our family with our current income.

Donations are for the purpose of improving the site and content created for the site. With the money I will be able to purchase better equipment to produce better quality videos and podcasts. Donations will also be used to purchase NEW equipment like capture cards or studio equipment to produce new segments like "Let's Plays" or mini interview shows with guests. The possibilities are endless.

This site is a passion project and I don't expect to make money from it. This site is a vent for myself and an aide for whoever wants to use it. Donations help me to help you better. Thank you for all your support and I will update this page with any suggestions/goals of where the money will go. So that we are all on the same page as to what these donations pay for.

I currently use Paypal to accept donations. I am thinking about opening a Patreon page. But as a starting site, I think I should grow an audience first.

Thanks for your support.